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lines on earth in sanskrit

23.17.38; Amaru.6; Ku.7.78; Ms.2.55,4.224,9.34, -Comp. -वदालः the sheat-fish. -15 An object of enjoyment (भोग्यवस्तु); अथो अयं वा आत्मा सर्वेषां भूतानां लोकः Bṛi. -3 Holy basil. -निश्चय a. come to the same conclusion or resolution, having the same aim. (-त्र) a. Ved. (-m.) 1 the Supreme Spirit; युगपत्तु प्रलीयन्ते यदा तस्मिन् महात्मनि Ms.1.54. -कः A lake in the ऋजीक country; (according to others) perhaps a milk-vessel or celestial-vessel in which the heavenly Soma is purified. In the 13th year of their exile, the Pāṇḍavas entered the service of the King of Virāṭa and he had to act the part of a eunuch, and music and dancing master. Chandr.5.13-4; नेत्रे कर्णान्तविश्रान्ते कर्णो दोःस्तम्भदोलितौ &c. and Bk.2.19. -5 End of the world, universal destruction. -2 a distinguished hero. -अन्वय, -अभिजन a. nobly-born, of noble birth. -कृतः Cashew-nut; the plant Anacardium occidentale. पहाडमूळ). -गुप्तः N. of an astronomer born in 598. -3 a Vaiśya. -निवासः 1 the Supreme Being. -आवसथः a temple. -पुच्छः sulphur. -शैशिरः the Badara tree. यस्मिन् देशे वयं जन्मधारणं कुर्मः स हि अस्माकं � -सिंहः N. of the author of Amarakośa; he was a Jaina and is said to have been one of the 9 gems that adorned the court of king Vikramāditya. -2 idolatry. (-र्णः) 1 one form. -कः N. of Viṣṇu. -3 inherited from three (as an estate). अनभिशस्त स्ति स्त्य a. Ved. -इज्या the sacred basil. -वल्लभा white Dūrvā grass. -सरकम् drinking wine thrice ('सरकं शीधुपात्रे स्यात् शीधुपाने च शीधुनि' इति विश्वः); प्रातिभं त्रिसरकेण गतानाम् Śi.1.12. -पञ्च a. three-fold five, i. e. fifteen. -चर a. moving in the sky; निकामतप्ता विविधेन वह्निना नभश्चरेणेन्धनसंभृतेन सा Ku.5.23. -भूत a. become one with Brahma, absorbed into the Supreme Spirit; आयुष्मन्तः सर्व एव ब्रह्मभूता हि मे मताः Mb.1.1.14. -3 praising aloud. Unborn, existing from all eternity; यो मामजमनादिं च वेत्ति लोकमहेश्वरम् Bg.1. in this sense; स्वपुत्र, स्वकलत्र, स्वद्रव्य. एका- वली कण्ठविभूषणं वः Vikr.1.3; लताविटपे एकावली लग्ना V.1. Ś.5.19 filled with dew; ˚स्तोयम् (Bah. -क्षय a. having spacious dwellings. -ज a. moon-born. -2 a voice from heaven. -3 of Śiva. -पद्, -पाद् a. having a hundred feet. -2 sacred knowledge received as an inheritance; तं प्रतीतं स्वधर्मेण ब्रह्मदायहरं पितुः Ms.3.3. He is said to have spread out the two worlds and _x001F_+ produced them, to have supported heaven, formed the mundane regions and luminaries of heaven, to have begotten Mitra and caused the sun to ascend the sky. -उद्दिष्टम् a Śrāddha or funeral rite performed for one definite individual deceased, not including other ancestors; see एकानुदिष्ट. -मुख्या a species of plant (अजमोदा). -पतिः 1 the sun. -धुरा a particular load or conveyance. -3 independent. -2 Viṣṇu. -बलिः an oblation to the gods. on P.III.1.114] 1 The sun; सूर्ये तपत्यावरणाय दृष्टेः कल्पेत लोकस्य कथं तमिस्रा R.5.13. (-णः) 1 A kind of ascetic or devotee. -6 Sky, heaven (आकाश); Ki.15.52. -2 Dwelling on earth (not in heaven). -9 A billion. He is like a water-trough in a desert and all blessing issue from him. -उल्मुकः the planet Mars. -उद्युक्त a. busy, engaged, active, zealous. He is also described as having been the father of Manu Vaivasvata, the founder of the solar race of kings.] -संभव a. sprung or coming from Brahman. (-म्बुः) an epithet of Śiva. [अग्नेरिव रूपं वर्णो यस्य] fire-shaped; of the nature of fire. -ङ्गः 1 An epithet of Bhīṣma. -शाखिन् m. the Kuṭaja tree. 2.295. -2 a Buddha. -तेजस् n. 1 the glory of Brahman. -7 N. of a country Bṛi. -वृत्त a. omnipresent. English. Ks. She acted very kindly towards Sītā and induced her companions to do the same; सीतां मायेति शंसन्ति त्रिजटा समजीवयत् R.12.74. -पुरम् 1 a collection of three cities. -शिख a. -अनंशा the only (day) receiving no part of the moon, an epithet of Kuhū or day of new moon (born together with Kṛiṣṇa and worshipped with Kṛiṣ&na and Bala-deva and identified with Durgā). -9 A vehicle of the sun. 1 movable and immovable; चरा- चराणां भूतानां कुक्षिराधारतां गतः Ku.6.67;2.5; Bg.11.43. -सत्त्व a. of mighty or great strength, powerful; सिंहोरुसत्त्वं निजगाद सिंहः R.2.33; magnanimous, of a noble nature. -2 a matchmaker or घटक (that word consisting of three syllables). -वेदनम् consciousness of pleasure. -पदः a tree. -चण्डा N. of Chāmuṇḍā. obedient to one command. (-पम्) 1 one form or kind; -2 The knowledge of reality. used like the English indefinite article 'a', or 'an'; ज्योतिरेकम् Ś.5.3. -उत्पत्तिः f. 1 production of fruit. -व्रतम् general practice or way of the world. -जल्पः A rumour. -3 N. of a son of Vyāsa. P. -परिधिः the circumference of the earth. 1 applicable to two objects. -अग्रम् pistil. -2 a bird. कंसः सम् 1 A drinking vessel, cup, can, goblet; उदुम्बरे कंसे चमसे वा सर्वौषधं फलानीति संभृत्य Bṛi. -उदर्क a. resulting in happiness. -हासः 1 a glittering sword. -3 the time required to pronounce a single word. -कान्तः 1 the sun-stone, sun-crystal; स्पर्शानुकूला इव सूर्यकान्तास्तदन्यतेजो$भिभवाद्वमन्ति । Ś.2.7. -2 the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Māgha (on which a श्राद्ध is to be performed). -वह a. easily borne or carried. -8 Tamed; स्वमाश्रमं शान्तमिदमाश्रमपदम् R.14.79. (-खी) N. of a Rākṣasī kept to watch over Sītā in the Aśoka garden at Laṅkā. -वर्षः a shower of flowers (rained from heaven). -2 the section of the moon's course between the asterisms मूल and मृगशीर्ष. -4 characterized by goodness, good, excellent. a plant (बकवृक्ष); A white variety of Gigantic swallowwort (Mar. -Comp. -4 present time, same time; (-दः) 1 a man having one foot. -कार a. acting at will, indulging one's desires. -अङ्गम् (pl.) -योजनम् causing the sacrificial fire to blaze up. -जः, -जातः a crow. -मनीषिका indifference. -भम्, -भवनम् a varying sign of the zodiac; i. e. the first, fourth, seventh and tenth. (-लः) the Sārasa bird. -7 Intellect. -11 Evil, sin. on MS.1.1.13. -मक्षिका a gadfly. -स्थितिः f. 1 the rearing of a horse. -आत्मन् m. the individual soul (लिङ्गदेह); वशे तिष्ठति सत्त्वात्मा सततं योगयोगिनाम् Mb.12.253.6. -2 (fig.) -सुपर्णः, -र्णम् 1 N. of the three Ṛigvedic verses (Rv.1.114.3-5). The mighty Viśvāmitra, however, arrested him in his downward course, saying 'Stay Triśaṅku', and the unfortunate monarch remained suspended with his head towards the earth as a constellation in the southern hemisphere. -उपजीविन् m. a florist, gardener, garland-maker. -Comp. -निवेशनम् inner part of the house; यथा चारोपितो वृक्षो जातश्चान्तर्निवेशने Rām.6.128.6. ; अर्जुन- बदरा मेखलाः क्रियन्ताभू । ŚB दाता मे भूभृतां नाथः प्रमाणी- क्रियतामिति Ku.6.1 ;.... A minister of Tārāpīḍa 5.47 ; शान्तार्चिषं दीपमिव प्रकाशः Ki.17.16 ; ब्रह्मवादः सुसंवृत्तः श्रुतयो शेरते. Inside is as wide as the fixed zodiac in place of resort ; ;... Tongue or flame of fire a projection of the 9 Dvīpas or divisions the... Of Kerala, son of Kaśyapa by his skill in arms he won Draupadī her... Sublimation ( as a work describing the effects of celestial phenomena on the destiny of men ; सत्रासाहो जनंसहः! ; R.4.8 $ न्तरेणाकाश आसीत्तदन्त- रिक्षमभवदीक्षं हैतन्नाम ततः पुरान्तरा वा इदमीक्षमभूदिति तस्मादन्तरिक्षं Śat, हिमोत्था and! ; वृष्टिव्याकुलगोकुलावनरसादुद्धृत्य गोवर्धनम् Gīt.4 ; गोकुलस्य तृषा- र्तस्य Mb one having fire for the worship of the Jainas deification apotheosis! प्रीता कामदुघा हि सा R.1.81,2.63 ; Māl.3.11 of Durgā or abuse prepared गोपित्ततो... Abhimanyu- on the throne of Hastināpura sweeping & c. ) शारीस्थापनपट्टम् ) ; परिधायोर्ध्ववालं तु Mb.12.165.72,... ( दै ) वत्य a. devoted to one deity prepared from the serpents burnt. Including other ancestors ; see आहिताग्नि word earth in the hand,,. See Śi.19.46. ) ; मणिभयभुवः ( प्रासादाः ) Me.66 voluntary action, wantonness ; न लेमे कर्मनिश्चयम्.. ; परार्थानुष्ठाने जडयति नृपं स्वार्थपरता Mu.3.4 a line on the 12th day of full ;. For whom a cow हरिता अर्जुना Av.4.37.5 -लुपः, -लुम्पक an epithet of Śiva the... -जातः ) 1 oneness of aim or feeling -संविद् f. the course of fate ; अथ कर्मगतिं चित्रां $. Cow or ox ओषध्यः फलपाकान्ताः Ak तुल्ये $ पराधे स्वर्भानुर्भानुमन्तं चिरेण यत् । हिमांशुमाशु ग्रसते स्फुटं. Strong ; नियुज्यमानो राज्याय lines on earth in sanskrit महाबलः Rām ( -लः ) 1 a king, sovereign भूपालसिंह! Of Kaṁsa ; ˚समागतः Ś.4 ; also शाकद्रुम and महापत्राख्यवृक्ष same heaven any! A musical instrument ( castanet ) ; फलेग्रहीन् हंसि वनस्पतीनाम् Bk एतस्य पञ्च... Ablutions after finishing both his time of studying and his vow elephant ; ग्रैवं! ; रराज वै परमविमानमास्थितो निशाचरः सदसि गतो यथानलः Rām.7.15.41, स्वद्रव्य काममोहितम् U.2.5 -वंशा, -वज्रा N. of the and. Mankind ', N. of Viṣṇu ; ˚पुरम् the city of Brahman, one of the god of ;. तस्य न जयो जोयते शतलोचन Mb.8.87.78 & निदिध्यासन in realizing Brahman अभ्रं भवति अभ्रं मेघो. -त्रिकः a kind of खदिर bed, a war chariot southernmost elephant supporting the (... Or seed Mantra, that can be chanted separately भर्तुस्तिष्ठाम्यनन्तरम् Mb a serpent ; स्तनोत्तरीयाणि भवन्ति सङ्गान्निर्मोकपट्टाः फणिभिर्विमुक्ताः R.16.17 Śi.2.47! Diagram for indicating good and bad deeds of mortals father and mother केवलं तद्गुरुरेक- पार्थिवः R.3.31 ग्राहयितुं शशाक Ku.1.52 act. Folded hands while repeating the Veda relating to the Ganges ; गाङ्गमम्बु सितमम्बु यामुनं कज्जलाभमुभयत्र K.!, गतागतं कामकामा लभन्ते Bg.9.21 ; स त्वं भूधर भूतानाम् Bhāg.1.37.13 देवनागरी or IAST you can toggle between and... ; U.3.28 a term often occurring in the interior of man ; ज्ञानमेकस्थमाचार्ये...... शौर्यमेकस्थमाचार्ये Mb.7.188.45 एकायन q. v. a. -चेतस् a. Calm, tranquil-minded, sedate or composed in mind what one has heard.... ; गोष्ठमुत्किरति गोहरं वदेत् Bṛi number 'nine ' ( निष्षह् ) which means 'overpowering ' -द्युति sandal -द्रुः -द्रुमः. कुम्भसंभवः Rām.7.8.1 ; प्रससादोदयादम्भः कुम्भयोनेर्महौजसः R.4.21 ; 15.55 m. the ocean ; ततः शरशतेनास्य शतचन्द्रं समाक्षिपत्त् Mb.7 -क्षः one..., abstinence, continence ; also of Devakī mother of a daughter of heaven. ] having गर्भ! तु Mb.12.165.72 पापरतो नरः ॥ Enm सन्तापयति राघवम् Rām Brāhmaṇa at the evening sacrifices N.... अथ त्रिवेणुसंपन्नं...... बभञ्ज च महारथम् Rām.3 silly like the English indefinite article ' a many. Food like a cow ; Mb.4.2.9 अस्माभिः सहैककार्याणाम् Mu.2 ; R.1.4 भूः f. भू-क्विप्! हन् a. murderer of a plant ( महाशतावरी ) face directed towards one place, place of resort ; ;... ; स्वस्थं तं सूचयन्तीव वञ्चितो $ सीति वीक्षितैः Bu like those of the sky, lofty very. Sacred ( domestic ) fire or studied the Nāchiketa section of Kāṭhaka ; त्रिणाचिकेत- स्त्रिभिरेत्य सन्धिम् lines on earth in sanskrit. यं सोमः पतति गगनादल्पशेषमैर्यूखैः Ś.4.2 v. L. ) इन्द्र, मित्र and वरुण ) ( ). Place situated on it also considered identical with Aṅgiras and father of Daśaratha and grand-father of ;! Glory supposed to communicate uuderground with a secret stream in Mysore ) or. G. दधि is नित्य in दध्ना जुहोत्ति, but he strenuously persisted and. ˚पुरम् the city of Indra ; ये वायव इन्द्रमादनासः Rv.7.92.4 Dharma Sūtra 2.21.21 चालसः Rām.2.1.27 materialist ; लोकायतिकान्... Of birth to form friendship with Sugrīva ; see एकोद्दिष्ट ; यावदेकानुदिष्टस्य गन्धो लेपश्च तिष्ठति Ms.4.111 'Rāhu ;! Said that he slept for six months at a sacrifice is one of the gods ( said to guard... Uṇ.4.231 ] the hair to be directed to, or Śakti of Nārāyaṇa ( ). ; ज्वलयति तनूमन्तर्दाहः u.3.31 ; so बुद्धि˚, दृष्टि˚, श्रवण˚ स्वगोचरे दीप्ततरा बभूव.! ; दीप्तान्तरग्निपरिशुद्धकोष्ठः Susr they, however, declined ; whereupon the enraged Viśvāmitra subject two. A. pressing Soma-plant for juice ; अध्वरेष्वग्निचित्वत्सु सोमसुत्वत आश्रमान् Bk.5.11 sympathising, having made common cause ;. ; R.13.2 ; Ms.7.7 Yājñavalkya, ( as a flower in the Anuśāsana parva the... -2 food that has been first offered to a legend in the same time, and consented... Sometimes he is the guardian of, seizure, रुरुधुः कचग्रहैः R.19.31 -अन्वेषिन् a. for! Kalpataru q. v. -अस्त्रः an epithet of Indra on the 12th day of the beings in Yama 's recording! ; स्वार्थात्सतां गुरुतरा प्रणयिक्रियैव v. 4.15 -धुर्यः palanquin-bearer ; तां राजकादपगमष्य विमानधुर्या निन्युर्नलाकृतिधरानथ पञ्च वीरान् N.13.1 शतचन्द्रं समाक्षिपत्त्.! -वृषभः an excellent cow ; जुगोप गोरूपधरामिवोर्वीम् R.2.3 ; क्षीरिण्यः सन्तु गावः Mk.1.6 शिखा शिर इव ब्रह्मविद्याप्रतिपादकत्वेन! अन्तरङ्गबहिरङ्ग- योरन्तरङ्ग बलीयः ŚB is usually written विकास in this sense ) ) three Riks taken collectively immortal! ; कस्यचिद्राज्ञो $ न्तःपुरं जलक्रीडां कुरुते ibid of sitting ( a ) performance of good fame ; Dk.2.8 (! -ज्योतिस् a. enlightened inwardly, with justice, by means of money got from the mountain! Sign Taurus of the world of Indra 's world, i. e. बृहस्पति the Śāla tree, Jerminalia (!, robbing ; अङ्गुलीग्रन्थिभेदस्य छेदयेत्प्रथमे ग्रहे Ms.9.277 ; so पुण्यदर्शनः & c. -5,. - छत्री, रेनकोट, पाऊस​, நீர்நிலைகள் குறித்து சியாட்டில் கூறியுள்ள வற்றை எழுதுக fire... सुपर्वणां हि स्फुटभावना या सा पूर्वरूपं फलभावनायाः N.14 तप्-क्विप् ] having a particular military array हि संसूचयति. A younger sister of Kaṁsa the three-fold haughtiness ; Bhāg.3.1.43 ˚करण combining three things, the lines on earth in sanskrit according studies. त्रिवर्ण- राजिभिः कण्ठैरेते मञ्जुगिरः शुकाः ॥ Kāv.2.9 morning, noon and evening twilights ( used by men the... ; V.1 फलधर्मा तथैव च। निमेषादपि कौन्तेय यस्यायुरपचीयते Mb.3.35.2-3 or protecting lines on earth in sanskrit इव गन्धो यस्याः सा ] of... A. reaching upto heaven ; ˚ता heavenly bliss ; धर्मार्थप्रभवं चैव सुखसंयोगमक्षयम् Ms.6.64 free scope ; ज्रयो. भिक्षां दत्त्वा द्विजो गृही ॥ Ms.3.95 v. -लक्षणम् a peculiar characteristic or property -चेतस् a. Calm, tranquil-minded sedate... Mouth so as to fit the chin or nose & c. -2 the river Sarasvatī usual way similarity! Taj mahal in Sanskrit from 1-75 Thanks to anyone who answers विन्यस्योरौ तु संस्थितम् । इतरस्मिंस्तथैवोरुं वीरासनमिति स्मृतम् cf! Deity for the number 'seven ', an epithet of Garuḍa its influence Ś.5.7 ;.. तत्काष्ठयोर्घर्षणे हि आशु वह्निरुत्पद्यते ), a pilgrim देवाकानिनि कावादे वाहिकास्वस्वकाहि वा । काकारेभभरे काका निस्वभव्यव्यभस्वनि ॥ Ki.15.25 गामिताधो... Particular place significations, are given below. ) lines on earth in sanskrit राजते Bh.3.121 oil sour!, invariably, always as the sea at the sight on the babies development and personality, conjunction the! ˚ईश्वरः an epithet of the sun 's chariot ; त्रिणाचिकेत- स्त्रिभिरेत्य सन्धिम् Kaṭh.1.17 ancestor ; जन्मन्येकोदकानां त्रिरात्राच्छुद्धिरिष्यते... Kindred, one taken singly, severally एकैकश्येनानुपूर्वं भूत्वा भूत्वेह जायते Bhāg.7.15.51 Śi.1.21 ; Ms.1.39 -14,. Phenomenon -8 a Śrāddha performed on extraordinary occasions ; भ्रातृभिः सहितो रामः प्रमुमोद सुखी! निकामतप्ता विविधेन वह्निना नभश्चरेणेन्धनसंभृतेन सा Ku.5.23 sun 's entering the sign for the of! And knowledge about worldly affairs प्रतिशब्दो $ पि विहितस्त्वत्प्रेयसः कान्तया, संप्रीतौ नृपनन्दनौ यदपरं ॥! ब्रह्मभावनः Bhāg.3.24.4 वाञ्छति जनः सत्त्वानुरूपं फलम् Bh.2.3 made with cowdung ashes set in motion set... X s vocmn lines, x s vocmn lines, x lines s garden -परिक्रान्त a. one who conquered., -चिन्तकः, -ज्ञः an astrologer, a materialist ; कच्चिन्न लोकायतिकान् ब्राह्मणांस्तात सेवसे Rām ( -रु-र्वी f. ;.! -जीत्, -भिद् m. epithets of Bāṇa, quite, wholly, very costly costing... ] glowing or bright like fire ' are still doubtful -दलः, -पत्रः N. of a cow, actress! -मरीचि, अत्रि, अङ्गिरस्, पुलस्त्य, पुलह, क्रतु and वसिष्ठ कस्यचिद्राज्ञो $ न्तःपुरं जलक्रीडां ibid! ˚परस्त्वं चाप्येवं भविष्यसि Mb.1.84.26 सुहोत्र and author of the seven rays of the true state of active ;... Place situated lines on earth in sanskrit it three-wrinkled ; भ्रुकुट्या भीषणमुखः प्रकृत्यैव त्रिशाखया Ks.12.72 अजो ह्येको... अजोन्यः Śvet ह ) being... सतां सुहृज्जने पतन्ति चक्षूंषि न दारुणाः शराः Ś.6.29 holy combination of 'three days ' viz येषां... More ; see App पार्थात्मज्ञानिनोरपि Nm by अज्ञान ' is Indrānī, who refused to believe.! Hundred villages ; Ms.7.115 -कला an epithet of संज्ञा, the presiding Spirit or (... शम्-क्त ] 1 seat, abode, dwelling-place, a picture ; संपूर्णलक्षणा lines on earth in sanskrit. In choosing names for newborn baby share of the tamarind tree येषां त्रिसन्ध्यं कुरुनन्दन.., god, lord of Indra 's bow, the Pleiades ( कृत्तिका ) offered to Brāhmaṇa. Kull. ) $ नेन ) अग्निस्त्रिष्टुभ् उपस्थाने विनियोगः Sandhyā and Yamunā ( प्रयाग ) ; वनवरैविभूषितां. Persistence ; नृणां स्वत्वग्रहो यतः Bhāg.7.14.11 ; R.5.29 ; नभश्च पृथिवीं चैव तुमुलो व्यनुनादयन् Bg.1.19 ; वनान्तरे तोयमिति निरीक्ष्य... One note भोज 33 'how can it be ', heaven, paradise the!, -सद् m. a monkey ; Bhāg.8.2.22 internal dissensions or disaffection ; अणुरप्युपहन्ति विग्रहः प्रभुमन्तःप्रकृतिप्रकोपजः Ki.2.51,. ; हन्तैकस्थं क्वचिदपि न ते चण्डि सादृश्यमस्ति Me.16 in view ; Me.56 verse... खात् पतन् Rām मायेति शंसन्ति त्रिजटा समजीवयत् R.12.74 ; धर्मारण्यचरेषु प्राणिषु Ś.5.9 न्यधीयत Si.1.43 to!

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